Monday, March 31, 2008

Belajar Bijak

Berikut ada tulisan saya yang batal diterbitkan, mungkin bermanfaat bagi yang membutuhkan...

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Watching Life in A Greater Sense

Some friends have recently thanked me for writing a FiRST review that let them know not to see… (fill in any movie name here). Sejujurnya, saya justru gelisah dengan pernyataan ini. Saya menduga banyak review dijadikan jawaban untuk pertanyaan, “is it worth my money?

Padahal sebenarnya ada tujuan lain dalam menulis review: mencari pemahaman lebih akurat terhadap liku-liku dan problematika kehidupan yang ditawarkan sebuah film. Saya sendiri termasuk orang seperti ini. Membaca review tidak lantas mengubah prioritas menonton film (because I’m practically watching everything…). Saya hanya berusaha memahami film dalam konteks yang paling luas. Memaknainya sehingga segala yang ditawarkan bisa memberi manfaat untuk saya, understanding movie in a greater sense!

Semua film tidak dilahirkan hanya untuk meraup untung, tetapi berharap meninggalkan bekas yang lebih immaterial. Bahkan di luar bahasa promosinya (i.e. Biggest blockbuster of the year! or Most romantic movie of the summer!), setiap film pasti menawarkan filosofi atau basis intelektual tertentu dalam khazanah kultural kita. Kita tidak bisa menghindar dari kemungkinan terpengaruh pesan-pesan tersembunyi (or not-so-hidden) di film. Films can be entertaining and full of fluff, but they comment upon our world in their method of entertaining or in their very fluffiness.

Karena alasan ini, maka setiap film bernilai. Setiap film menyingkap sebuah cara pandang terhadap dunia dan bagaimana kita (penonton) bisa menyesuaikan diri terhadap pandangan dunia itu. Saya bisa saja tidak setuju terhadap pesan yang dibawa sebuah film, tetapi ketika dia ditawarkan berarti ada orang lain di muka bumi yang berpegang pada perspektif itu. Bisa mengenali atau menerimanya lewat medium film adalah sebuah anugrah.

And beside that, I do admire some aspect of the film, be it the acting, the tight script, or the impressive cinematography
. Sebuah karya seni yang pada gilirannya mengasah sensitivitas dan mengendurkan ketegangan akibat kehidupan sehari-hari. But still, if I find a film truly unworthy of viewing, I promise to let you know.

Ilustrasi: Todo Sobre Mi Madre

Saturday, March 15, 2008

for the price of a starbucks

for the price of a starbucks

is your career your life, and are you really living?
is your focus always work? is it unforgiving?
do you go home to your job? does job follow you home?
if so you're just a slave, a mindless zombie or drone.

now there are some exceptions, but few and far between.
cuz your life as you call it, makes the next man a king.

he's living with big stacks of that almighty dollar.
making money off your life while you wear the collar.
but listen he's not immune, so don't feel discouraged.
there's one above him too, and he's far from malnourished.

some are free from the chains, but they can't afford to eat.
while the man above the man gets massaged on his feet.

for the price of a starbucks you can feed all these kids.
some war ravaged, some savage, with flies around their lids.

but don't you dare ask the man to make a donation.
cuz he's already made one, for tax preparation.
and they plan to cut taxes, never believe that shit.
every Dead President in your pocket's counterfeit.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

O Blogger Where Are Thou?

So after months of pondering the options, I still have nothing concrete to offer. I do know that if I keep my blog, I want to keep it somewhat more of a place to discuss random thoughts and views than a personal journal. I moved back to my old digs at the personal stuff, such as it is but haven't found anything either. Anyway, later I find myself with Google (so far anyway- I tried about a bazillion combos) so I could find any ideas. I do comment on a few blogs that require you to have a blogger login, so I will probably stay up if for no other reason than that . But still, nothing's new under this blog. O my bloggy spirit, where are thou?

Truthfully, I don't feel like I have very interesting things to say at this point in my life, mainly because I don't have/take the time to think. I'm kind of prone to tunnel vision anyway, and being a full-time working slave has simply narrowed my focus even more. I hardly watch the news or keep up with current events and causes that I used to be passionate about have fallen by the wayside. I've appeased myself to some degree with the realization that many people in this condemned town have this problem, and that as we get older we will find time for other things again. Please, someone- tell me (even if you have to lie) that someday I will have a life...

Well, speaking of boring, I think I'll stop here. Just wanted to post a "Hey I'm still here" note for anyone still hanging around.