Saturday, March 15, 2008

for the price of a starbucks

for the price of a starbucks

is your career your life, and are you really living?
is your focus always work? is it unforgiving?
do you go home to your job? does job follow you home?
if so you're just a slave, a mindless zombie or drone.

now there are some exceptions, but few and far between.
cuz your life as you call it, makes the next man a king.

he's living with big stacks of that almighty dollar.
making money off your life while you wear the collar.
but listen he's not immune, so don't feel discouraged.
there's one above him too, and he's far from malnourished.

some are free from the chains, but they can't afford to eat.
while the man above the man gets massaged on his feet.

for the price of a starbucks you can feed all these kids.
some war ravaged, some savage, with flies around their lids.

but don't you dare ask the man to make a donation.
cuz he's already made one, for tax preparation.
and they plan to cut taxes, never believe that shit.
every Dead President in your pocket's counterfeit.

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