Saturday, April 12, 2008

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Monday, April 07, 2008

A Friendly Guide to Busway for Women

by: Leila Safira Assegaf

- Wear your walking/running shoes, don't wear something like pointy toes. It might be comfortable now, but after a while, your toes will suffer.

-Don't wear sandal jepit, either. You might get lucky to have an empty bus, but otherwise the risk of being stepped upon is unreasonably high. Spare your toes the nasty experience.

-If you have to stand, stand with your feet wide apart. Or you might fall into mas-mas's embrace when the driver hits the brake. Forget dainty. Choose dignity.

-You know the man with a kupluk, moustache, beard, koko shirt and cingkrang pants who is concentrating on his read such as: "Tafsir Al-Mustafa"? He is the least likely type to give up his seat to anyone, not even a heavy-bag-lugging ibu-ibu.

-If the driver hits the break, try best to step on the man's (in kupluk, moustache, beard, koko shirt and cingkrang pants) toes.

-If you can, bring something to kill time, or even better to avoid the risk of getting caught sleeping with your mouth wide open. Book is good. NDS:even better.

-A woman is more likely to give an old lady her seat, even though her stop is still far away. A man would give someone his seat when his stop is next.

-Not having an intention to undermine woman-busway-drivers, but prepare to jump pretty far to and from the bus, from and to the shelter whenever they drive.